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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Sugar Bowl 2009

We obviously had to watch the Sugar Bowl this year. Our undefeated UTES were going up against Alabama as the underdog. Lantz was hoping that they would win, but was not really sure that they would. Well, the Utes Whooped ‘Em! 31-17!! The best part about the game I think for both of us was that we were able to share the awesome win with our friends, Dennis and Trish! Obviously, both Lantz and Dennis wanted to go to the Utah Bowl Game, but unfortunately, New Orleans was just a bit too far away and the cost of the flight, hotel and ticket was just too much. But for them to be able to watch it together was just as good.

Sadie was not quite sure at first come Friday morning who the strangers were in the house, but it only took about 15 minutes and a bribe from Trish to get her to come around. After that she and Trish were best friends. She never really warmed up to Dennis, but then again, she is not that fond of boys… yet.

Sadie was not so sure what to think of all the hoopin’ and hollerin’ going on at first, during the game, but after she realized that she was not in trouble and that we were having fun, she started to get a kick out of it. She got put bed before the end of the game so we had to celebrate quietly during the second half.

The five of us had not only a great day on Friday, but the adults we were able to take advantage of Dennis’s and Trish’s visit and go play a little. Grandma and Grandpa Cook came and got Sadie on Saturday morning so we were all able to go to OMSI and play around with some brain teasers and look at some interesting stuff. We then went to Newport Bay Happy Hour right on the river. (This used to be one of mine and Lantz’s favorite places to go out to eat, pre-Sadie, we have yet to be back since she was born.) We had a great time it was a great atmosphere and great company. After dinner we went home to chill for a bit before going back to OMSI to watch a U2 Laser Light Show.

As much as I love little Sadie it really was a nice day not to have to worry about her. Although, come bed time it was hard to fall asleep when part of my nightly routine is to go and check on her before turning it myself.

Sunday morning we got up a leisurely pace and the four of us went to my parent’s house. I am not even sure Sadie missed me. She missed her Daddy and she missed Trish, but all I got was a passing glance. We got in a round of golf on my parent’s Wii and a game of Yahtzee. We then had a great dinner of Pulkogi.

Sadly after dinner we had to take Dennis and Trish back to the airport. But on a positive side, we got to bring home Sadie. Although, she was so exhausted when we got home, that we skipped bath time and went right to jammies and bed. All in all we had a great weekend and a very Happy beginning to the new year. We are so happy that we were able to spend it with such great friends!

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