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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Chocolate Fudge Cake

Poor Sadie. She had to wait two days to eat the chocolate cake that she had so desperately wanted just when they were unfrosted cooling cakes.

(Read "Cawc-Late" post below)

We celebrated Grandma Cook's birthday on Saturday. As soon as the cake was unveiled, she was right up on the counter wanting a taste.

Grandma managed to hold her back... for a little while. I was not too sure I should let her do what she was about to do... but it was Grandma's cake and it was up to her how Sadie got her first bite...

You can definitely tell she is a girl. She LOVES her chocolate! Especially Dark Chocolate!

Click on the headline "Chocolate Fudge Cake" for the recipe I used. It is delish. The cake is a little bland, but the frosting is so rich, you would not want the cake too sweet. (The chocolate shavings on top where my own addition. I had a bar of the dark chocolate left that I shaved/curled, that I decided to add to the top. I used Dove's 71% Cacoa) Excellent by itself, even more amazing with a little vanilla ice cream.

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  1. That cake looks too good for words. Sadie knows her stuff. What a sweet grandma for sharing that with her. Tell your mom and dad hi for me.