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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Christmas 2008

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah... I know I am a bit late in posting this. But first of all I did just start the blog and second of all the pictures were on Grandma Cook's camera and I just got them from her today. Sadly there are not too many pictures, the camera did not want to cooperate. That and Sadie was just too much fun and we tended to forget to take pictures of anyone else. Sadly there are too many pictures of me in here. If you really know me you know that I HATE having my picture taken. We had a great Christmas! Sadie got her Christmas Jammies on Christmas Eve and got to wear them to bed that night and all day on Christmas, except during dinner.

Christmas Morning we had a nice breakfast before opening presents. I was actually very surprised after breakfast that Sadie was more interested in a box of wipes sitting on the air mattress then she was in all of the presents "Under the Tree" they were actually more like on the floor under the table that the tree sat on. We decided to use a smaller tree and put it onto of the table so that Sadie could not get to it. It worked pretty good.

Sadie really raked it in for Christmas. She got a Mr. Potato Head, a Dance & Sing Station, a ring stacker, a Magna Doodle, her first Baby Doll, a Playskool gear thing (for the lack of a better word... it teaches cause and reaction and encourages engineering skills), her own set of metal keys that have her very own key fob that makes car noises (I really did not like her having my car key because they seemed too sharp. The keys are real metal but have smooth edges) her very own "camera", and odds and ends in her stocking. One of the coolest things were lollipops that light up. Two of her favorite things in one, something she can put in her mouth to suck on AND push a button all at once.
Lantz got new Van Heusen pants and a shirt, the Aerosmith Guitar Hero game, a remote controlled car (he picked it out to play with Sadie... he used it for the first time tonight. She LOVED it. She chased that all over Grandma and Grandpa Cook's laughing!), and odds and ends for his stocking, most notable... an INCREDIBLE carmel apple with heath toffee bar chunks.
I got a Keurig single cup coffee maker. It does tea and hot chocolate as well. I have used it everyday since I got it! I love it! It is so convenient and leaves NO mess!! I also got a pair of white gold small hoop earrings (so I never have to take them out), a Ped Egg and the odds and ends in my stocking with a mouth water "Snickers" carmel apple! DELISH!
All in all we had a great Christmas! We hope that all of you had a great Christmas as well.

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