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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Sadie's First Dentist Appointment

I can’t believe Sadie is already old enough to visit the dentist! (Her first appointment was on Monday, January 12th.) But, she does have all eight of her front teeth, four back molars and her canines are about halfway in. I think she really enjoys hamburgers and sandwiches and needed them teeth… FAST!

One of the biggest concerns I had and why I wanted her to visit the dentist sooner rather than later, was just so I had a dentist on call if something happened. A few weeks ago she tipped a chair over and the seat hit her in the mouth. It cut her lip and she bled a little and cried a lot. But with the little blood and saliva I was unable to tell if it was just her lip of if she damaged her teeth. I wished right then that I had already had her visit the dentist. It was something I just kept putting off. Parents Magazine recommended having a dentist that is familiar with your toddler… just in case.

Her first appointment was more or less a meet and greet. She met her hygienist, Shanna. Whom she LOVED! Took her all of about 5 minutes to warm up to her in the lobby and was handing her books. After about 10 minutes, Shanna asked Sadie if she would like to go see her chair. Sadie followed her tight back and let me put her in the chair.

We were able to get her to open her mouth a bit with the bribe of a new tooth brush. (She loves having her teeth brushed.) When the dentist came in to say hi, she was a bit shy. (Sadie is not a big fan of boys.) I was very surprised though when she went to cling to Shanna because she was closer when the doctor came in. It made me very happy to see that Sadie already trusted her.

The dentist said that her teeth are coming in great. The spacing that she has right now is a good indication that her permanent teeth will have plenty of room to come in and not be overcrowded.

I am glad that I now have a dentist that I know I can call IF something should happen to Sadie. I also hope that this will help her to have a good relationship with a dentist. I have never been afraid of the dentist and I am hoping that she will never have that fear as well.

(I took my camera in hopes to get pictures… and completely forgot to take any until I was buckling Sadie in her car seat to go home. She has a second appointment close to her second year where they will try a little polish just to see how she does. I am planning to prepare her by using a electric toothbrush on her a few times a week. I'll take some picutes then. She looked so small in that big dental chair.)

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