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We are just your normal and average family. (Well as normal and as average as you can get when you are us.) Lantz is employed at an ivestment management firm and enjoys his job most days. I am a happy stay-at-home mom. I feel lucky everyday that I have the opportunity to remain at home and see our daughter grow and develop non-stop! I rarely miss a "first" and look forward to all of the new firsts to come. Sadie is a bright, energetic toddler that LOVES to cause mischief. She enjoys playing with Skittles and for the most part Skittles stoically tolerates her.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Good-Bye Home...

Well... we have moved out of our first home. (Pictures are on a slide show on our blog) It was sad to leave, but we have already started browsing for our next home. Considering it took us over a year to decide on our first home, I hope we have started early enough. :) Right now, we have moved in with my parents. With the housing market being what it is, we did not want to look at new houses until we sold our own. And now that we have, we want to wait for the housing market to STOP dropping. It is expected to drop another 10% + so we want to wait and get the best price possible. For now, we all seem to be getting along living with Grandma & Grandpa. Sadie has turned into a Grandpa's Girl during the day. In fact the other day she was a bit sick and took her nap with Grandpa in his lazy boy. Anyway, there are a few great things about it. I no longer have to clean up after dinner... that is Grandpa's job. I just get to prepare the meal and then Lantz and I start Sadie's bed time routine after dinner while my Dad cleans up. Yay! I love to cook, I have never enjoyed the cleaning up afterward. And my Dad hates to cook, but does not mind the clean up part. So best of both worlds. Plus if Lantz and I want to run an errand while Sadie is napping, there is someone always at home on call. :)

We miss our home, but we are looking forward to our next one. And the new home owner's are just like we were when we bought it. So it is nice to leave her in good hands.