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We are just your normal and average family. (Well as normal and as average as you can get when you are us.) Lantz is employed at an ivestment management firm and enjoys his job most days. I am a happy stay-at-home mom. I feel lucky everyday that I have the opportunity to remain at home and see our daughter grow and develop non-stop! I rarely miss a "first" and look forward to all of the new firsts to come. Sadie is a bright, energetic toddler that LOVES to cause mischief. She enjoys playing with Skittles and for the most part Skittles stoically tolerates her.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Run Away...

Sadie made her first escape from home yesterday. I asked her if she wanted to go "Nite-Nite". She proceeded to grab her jacket off the couch and bring it to me and managed to convey to me that she wanted it on. Once I got the jacket on she ran directly to the back door and tried to open it. So I took her out to the truck and put on her shoes, set her on the ground, reached in to grab her hat and she was off like a shot. She was down the driveway before I could grab my jacket. I had to maintain a brisk pace to keep up with her. She just kept running, down the sidewalk around the corner and halfway to Capitol Hwy (which for those of you who are not familiar with our neighborhood is about a block away, in Portland anyway, in SLC it is only about a 1/4 of a block away) At which point I was freezing and her hands and face were red, I decided it was time to turn around to go home and warm up. Well, she was having NONE of that! She would yell at me every time I tried to turn her around and would push at me when I blocked her path going the other way. I finally had to pick her up and carry her home. Which she was fine with until we got to the driveway. She started to fuss and push at me and cried when I took her in the house and took off her shoes. Had I known before hand that it would be an "adventure" to go outside, I would have dressed her more warmly so we could have stayed out longer. I am hoping for sun today so I can take her out again this afternoon after lunch.

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