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We are just your normal and average family. (Well as normal and as average as you can get when you are us.) Lantz is employed at an ivestment management firm and enjoys his job most days. I am a happy stay-at-home mom. I feel lucky everyday that I have the opportunity to remain at home and see our daughter grow and develop non-stop! I rarely miss a "first" and look forward to all of the new firsts to come. Sadie is a bright, energetic toddler that LOVES to cause mischief. She enjoys playing with Skittles and for the most part Skittles stoically tolerates her.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Sadie's First Bike!

I wanted to get a tricycle, we have all been looking for weeks! Even our neighbor has been helping search, but I could not bring myself to spend $50 + on a trike that she would ride for one summer. Well... today, Lorinda, our neighbor, came running over right after she got home from work to let me know that she saw a little bike for sale and a yard sale about 2 miles away. So... Grandpa and I loaded up Sadie and went down to take a look.

She LOVED it! She broke into tears when I took her off it to load it in the truck and come home. She cried almost all the way home. As soon as we got her and it out of the truck, she was all over it. She calls it a 'cuck' (her version of truck) which right now anything with wheels is called a 'cuck'. If you ask her which is the car, tractor, motorcycle, she can point them out right, but when you ask her what they are, she says 'cuck'. So I guess she has a new 'cuck'!

She had a great time playing with it this afternoon....

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