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Thursday, April 30, 2009

St. George Trip

So my posts are a bit our of order, but with the move, life has been very hectic and I have not had time to post anything. Our St. George trip was before Easter, just a few days after we received an offer on our home. Ironically, we hesitated in booking the trip back in February, because we were afraid it would happen right in the middle of our move. And that is just what happened...

Sadie was a pefect angel on the flight out and actually received a few compliments from the flight attendants.

I was a bit afraid of our car rental arrangements when we got there, because I forgot to take my discount coupon with me. But it all worked out. Not only did the honor the coupon for a free double upgrade, they were out of the "premium" cars and set me up with a sweet H3!

We rented a house in St. George, just so we did not have to worry about sharing a room with Sadie. She can be quite particular when it comes to sleeping. She falls asleep fairly easily, but also wakes up fairly easily, but as long as she is by herself when she wakes up she puts herself right back to sleep. So it is best that she has her own room. Plus this allowed for us to spend more time with the family. They could come over after she was in bed, and we could still visit.

We visited 5 homes,6 if you count our rental, over 300 miles and got to see the whole Stringham Clan. We had a great dinner and duel baby shower at Alicia's. The baby shower was for Alicia and Shandia. Since our trip and before this post Shandia has given birth to an absolutely adorable baby girl, Gabriella. We received a birth announcement the other day and I could not believe how wide eyed and alert she was for just a few weeks old.

Anyway, I digress... we were also able to visit out great friends Dennis and Trish and were able to spend some quality time with them as well... Grandma and Grandpa Stringham watched Sadie for a little while we were visiting them.

We had a great family Birthday dinner and Brett and Candace's. It was to celebrate Brett's, Devon's and Saxon's Birthdays. I actually have pictures for this one! Sadly I do not have pictures of everyone in attendance, nor did I get pictures of the other family events, but we had a great time! Despite the absence of pictures. The H3and the house were taken on the morning that we left. As for the other pics, those were sent to me by Dad Stringham. Thanks Dad! And Thank you to EVERYONE who provided us fun, food and entertainment!! All of you help to make it a great trip!
Sadie and her cousin Kensie!

SOME of the Cousins....
Saxon, Bergan, Abbey and Ashley...

DA' BOYS! Lantz and his brothers....
From Left to Right (oldest to youngest)
Lantz, Brett, Weston, Devon and Vincent...

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