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We are just your normal and average family. (Well as normal and as average as you can get when you are us.) Lantz is employed at an ivestment management firm and enjoys his job most days. I am a happy stay-at-home mom. I feel lucky everyday that I have the opportunity to remain at home and see our daughter grow and develop non-stop! I rarely miss a "first" and look forward to all of the new firsts to come. Sadie is a bright, energetic toddler that LOVES to cause mischief. She enjoys playing with Skittles and for the most part Skittles stoically tolerates her.

Thursday, February 26, 2009


Every morning Sadie has a half a banana. She shares this morning fruit with her Daddy. Lately, she has quit eating her morning banana, and since I can't stand them, they usually end up thrown out. Daddy has already left for work and there is nothing more disturbing that a banana, except for a banana that has been left out after being peeled.

Well... the other day, I decided to give her the whole banana, rather than breaking it into pieces. (She has become very independent when it comes to eating) She prefers sandwich quarters to sandwich bits, whole quesadilla wraps to bites, apple slices, whole grapes, etc. She just loves to chomp into her food and eat. I don't like giving it to her whole, because she has a tendency to take too big of bites, but if I break it up for her... she won't eat it. So I decided to just give her the whole banana and let her go to town.

She got a few bites that may have been a bit too large, but she just muscled through it. She ate a whole banana! (Except for the six pieces I broke apart for her.) I guess I just need to trust her judgement and be prepared to clean up the messes that generally come with allowing a toddler full control over their eating. She actually does fairly well with a fork. She eats her dinner better if given one. She is still working on the spoon.

*Sigh* The joys of watching her grow! She is so amazing and I count my blessing every day that she is in our lives.

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